刻舟求剑 Making His Mark (Ke Zhou Qiu Jian)

        A man from the state of Chu was crossing a river. In the boat, his sword fell into the water. Immediately he made a mark on the boat."This is where my sword fell off," he said.When the boat stopped moving, he went into the water to look for his sword at the place where he had marked the boat.The boat had moved but the sword had not. Is this not a very foolish way to look for a sword?

       井底之蛙 The Frog in the Shallow Well (Jing Di Zhi Wa)

        Have you not heard of the frog that lived in a shallow well? It said to a turtle that lived in the East Sea, "I am so happy! When I go out, I jump about on the railing beside the mouth of the well. When I come home, I rest in the holes on the broken wall of the well. If I jump into the water, it comes up to my armpits and holds up my cheeks. If I walk in the mud, it covers up my feet. I look around at the wriggly worms, crabs and tadpoles, and none of them can compare with me. Moreover, I am lord of this trough of water and I stand up tall in this shallow well. My happiness is full. My dear sir, why don't you come often and look around my place?"Before the turtle from the East Sea could get its left foot in the well, its right knee got stuck. It hesitated and retreated. The turtle told the frog about the East Sea."Even a distance of a thousand li cannot give you an idea of the sea's width; even a height of a thousand ren cannot give you an idea of its depth. In the time of King Yu of the Xia dynasty, there were floods nine years out of ten, but the waters in the sea did not increase. ln the time of King Tang of the Shang dynasty there were droughts seven years out of eight, but the waters in the sea did not decrease. The sea does not change along with the passage of time and its level does not rise or fall according to the amount of rain that falls. The greatest happiness is to live in the East Sea."After listening to these words, the frog of the shallow well was shocked into realization of his own insignificance and became very ill at ease.



       Once upon a time, there was a farmer. One day, while he was working in the fields, he saw a hare run into a tree stump accidentally and die of a broken neck.


       The farmer took the hare home and cooked a delicious meal for himself.


       That night he thought: "I needn't work so hard. All I have to do is wait every day by the stump to pick up the hare that runs into it."


       So from then on he gave up farming, and stood by the tree stump waiting for the hare to come and run into it.


       But from then on, he never saw another hare run into the tree stump.







       说春秋时候,越国有个名叫西施的姑娘,她非常美丽、漂亮,一举一动也很动人。他有心口疼的疾病,犯病时总是用手按住胸口,紧皱眉头。因为人们喜欢她,所以她这副病态,在人们眼里也妩媚可爱,楚楚动人。 西施的邻村有个丑姑娘叫东施,总是想方设法打扮自己。有一次在路上碰到西施,见西施手捂胸口,紧皱眉头,显得异常美丽。她想难怪人们说她漂亮,原来是做出这种样子。如果我也做这个姿势,肯定就变漂亮了。于是她模仿西施的病态。结果人们见了原来就丑的她,现在变成这种疯疯癫癫的样子,象见了鬼一样,赶紧把门关上。Aping a Beauty (Dong Shi Xiao Ping)

       Xi Shi, a famous beauty, had a pain in her bosom, so she had a frown on her face when she went out. An ugly girl named Dong Shi who lived nearby saw her and thought she looked very beautiful. Therefore when she went home, she also put her hands on her bosom and had a frown on her face.

       When a rich man in the neighbourhood saw her, he shut his doors tightly and did not go out. When a poor man saw her, he took his wife and children and gave her a wide berth.

       She only knew Xi Shi's frown looked beautiful but she did not know the reason for its beauty.



       A Broken Mirror Joined Together

       This set phrase metaphorically means the reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or a rupture.

       At the end of Southern Dynasties,when the Chen Dynasty was about to be overthrown.

       Xú Déyán felt very worried.He foreknew that his wife Princess Lè Chāng was destined to separate from him.

       His wife is the last Emperor Chén Shūbǎo's younger sister.

       Hence he broke a round bronze mirror into halves.

       One half is given to the Princess,the other half left with himself.

       The couple agreed on it that the wife would pretend to sell the broked mirror in the street of Cháng'ān,the capital of the Suí Dynasty,on the Lantern Festival.

       After the fall of Chén Dynasty,Princess Lè Chāng was captured and sent to Chang'an and forced to be a concubine-servant in the mansion of Yáng Sù.

       Xú Déyán missed his wife very much and went to the captial to look for her.

       On the 15th day of the first lunar month,he found a man selling half the mirror.

       After asking the man,he knew that his wife had been a concubine-servant of Yáng Sù. Thinking that he could not see her again,he sighed a great sorrow.

       Having known the matter,Yáng Sù felt much sympathy for the couple.He sent for Xú Déyán and told him to take wife away.Thus the husband and the wife were reunited into a happy couple.


        如果觉得学英语觉得枯燥的话,可以加点乐趣的元素进去。我在此献上 英语 故事 ,希望对你有所帮助。

成语 寓言故事 :Losing One's Head忘乎所以

        The gorillas in the valleys in the south often lived together in groups of several tens. They were fond of drinking wine, and even fonder of imitating man's behavior.


        People knew very well their habits and often put wine or distiller's grains on the roadside together with many straw sandals connected together with ropes.


        The gorillas knew this was a trick to lure them into traps and cursed:


        "Humph! Do you think we don't know your tricks? We'll never be taken in!"


        So they called one another, turned round and left.


        But they had already smelled the aroma of the wine, and couldn't bear to part with it. Even after they left, they would turn their heads to look back. When they saw no one there, they would turn back; and after they turned back, they were afraid of being deceived, and left again. After much hesitation, they finally said to themselves:


        "Just for a taste of the wine. It won't matter as long as we don't get drunk."


        Shortly afterwards, they agreed to come back to drink the wine. When they got drunk, they forgot everything. Every gorilla put on the straw sandals and imitated the way man walks.


        As a result, they fell down one after another and were all caught alive by people.


成语寓言故事:A Half Day's Leisure半日清闲

        One day, a high official wanted to amuse himself in a temple.


        His subordinates notified the monks in the temple three days in advance to prepare a good meal on time. So all the monks in the temple busied themselves with the preparation.


        The temple was situated in a remote mountain, surrounded by bamboo groves, and very tranquil. After the high official had strolled about for a while, he was very pleased. While dining, he recited lines from a poem of the Tang Dynasty:


        "Passing through the bamboo courtyard and meeting a monk,A half day's leisure is gained in this fleeting life."


        When the old monk heard these lines of the poem, he couldn't help laughing.


        The high official asked hastily:


        "What are you laughing about?"


        The old monk replied:


        "Your Honour have indeed gained a half day's leisure, but I have been busy for three whole days."


成语寓言故事:The Kingfisher Moves Its Nest翠鸟迁巢

        In order to avoid calamities, at first the kingfisher always selects a high place to build its nest.


        But when the young birds are hatched, it will move to a place a little lower to build its nest. This is because the kingfisher is particularly fond of its offspring and is afraid they而ght fall down from a high place.


        When the young birds grow beautiful feathers, the kingfisher will become even fonder of them and more protective, so it will move its nest further downward, with the result that the young birds are easily taken away by people.



       Mr. Li is a good painter. One day he draws a beautiful dragon without eyes.

       Mr. Zhou looks at the picture and says, “The dragon has no eyes. It isn’t a good picture.”

       But Mr. Li smiles and says, “If I add eyes to the dragon, it will fly away.”

       Mr. Zhou shakes head and says, “You are boasting. I don’t believe you.”

       Mr. Li isn’t angry. He holds the paintbrush and adds eyes to the dragon. Woe! The dragon really flies.